Cartoon Head- $50

Cartoon Body- $100

Full flyer/Cover art- $150

Please be aware our Artist work extremely hard to fulfill all orders at the best quality, but to cut down on back out requests and to ensure that our artists  time on your request is not being misused or being spent in vain all serious request require a minimum $20 deposit or to be paid in full upon request.. 

Note- this is not an extra $20 this is apart of the actual cost of your service. 


music videos- $80/min


Heavy Animations- $120/min

Please be aware animation is a very tedious and consistent job that takes a lot longer than regular graphic work so please I ask for everyone wanting animations to be patient and bare with us, our team has talented artist with experienced animators who work hard to get out all requests at the best quality possibly. Because the animation process is more difficult the deposit for any heavy animations is $50. 

Custom Merchandise

All Basic (1 color) shirt design request - $20

Special colors(Metallic, reflective, Holographic)-$25

Heavy Designs- $30

Extra $5 if we have to make the design. 

Want a custom shirt but don't wanna pay the heavy price some of these other companies charge here we got you cover just put it in the request and we will take care of you.


Questions? Feel free to email us or message us on instagram for all inquires and we will get with you as soon as possible.

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